Savage Deadlands: The Flood

Session 4: Friday September 19th - Saturday 20th 1879
The Twilight Legion

Holding for winner

Tombstone Epitaph - Sunday September 21st 1879
End to the Great Rail Wars

By. Lacy O’Malley

The great rail wars has finally come to an end and had a decisive Victor – Dr. Darius Hellestromme and the Wasatch Rail. He rolled the first train and tracks to the city of Lost Angels where the Angels of Lost Angels, Dixie Rails & Bayou Vermillion, and Union Blue and Black River had already assembled. The tension was thick as steel and it was bursting to blow anyway, but a shot fired from Dixie Rails began the war as it barreled into Hellestromme. All hell broke loose as the 4 sides went to a hell is war.

There was no clear Victor until airships came in and dropped massive bombs on the battlefield, devastating all sides but forcing both the north and south to retreat while Reverend Grimme and the City of Lost Angels had to come to terms with Hellestromme and Wasatch. Your Lacy O’Malley was there and he can attest that any man would have surrendered after seeing weapons of such mass destruction.

It seems in all ways the great war is over, and the maze is starting to recover from the devastation. The Ore Collection Station #37 has become the hotbed of business growing up right outside of Lost Angels. This little boomtown has been given a new name, Perdition. It is unclear what will become but it seems like business is more or less going to be the same in The Maze.

H3. Page 13

GOOD INTENTIONS! Young Palmer Watson, a boy belonging to a family of miners at Quarrytown, has gone missing! Folks are searching high and low in hopes the Lad still lives.


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