Friedeldorf the Mad

Tank that can kill things for puny men


Hair: none
Eyes: Brown
Facial Hair: Brown
Height: 2.03m / 6’8"
Weight: 101.151 Kg/ 223 lbs.

All brawn no brain


When Russia was not a home for his parents, Friedeldorf was instead raised in Sweden. His enormous size became too much to ignore and he began abusing his power. Fights at school and at home he became the pinnacle of fighting success. He copied from many masters of the arts and became indestructible in both body and spirit. His only dark desires are what drove him from the ring, both job-wise and love-wise. Fleeing across Europe he made it to the Americas, only to find it in massive turmoil from some earthquake. War was spreading. Friedledorf boarded a train to pick his side…

Friedeldorf the Mad

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