Deadlands: The Flood

Session 3: Saturday September 13th - Friday September 19th 1879

Enter Shan Fan

Friedeldorf the Mad

Our boat docked with the port of Shan Fran… ha. Ken knows a thing or two about docking. The disfigured one stayed behind with the boat as we entered the town. This shirt is looking more dashing every day i hold it. Ken says that he will get a good price and i hope so because he promised me money and that is something i need. This rifle is so smooth but very small in my hands. My chubby fingers can barely fire it. That puny man that hurt me can barely stand the thought of me using his rifle…ha! Get it? Ah whatever. These asian people are even smaller than these people i call friends. One day though i won’t need them as much. When that day comes… Tejuani…. I am coming…



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