Bennies are edge.

You draw a number of Bennies equal to your maximum edge at the start of each session. The GM gets one bennie per player, and gets one additional bennie each time a “boss” shows up.

White Chips (10/Player): Function just as regular Edge.

Red Chips (5/Player): A red chip may be used just as a white chip. It may also be used in the following ways, but the GM gets to draw an extra Bennie if done so.

Well Placed Shot You may add your maximum edge to DV with a single attack.

Not too Close Turn a critical failure into a regular failure and add your edge to the roll.

More Luck Than a Coon Use edge in any way normally allowed, but treat your current edge as your maximum edge.

Blue Chips (2/Player) You can use a blue chip in the same ways as a red chip, but the GM doesn’t also get to draw a bennie.

Legend Chips (Green) (1/major objective completion) 1 Currently: Not just any hombre will have the luck to see a green chip, he has to be through some serious cow dohonkie. Each time a milestone event is completed, one green chip is added to the Bennies pile. These cowpokes, are legend chips. Once spent a legend chip is gone forever.

They function as follows:

As Blue Chip A legend chip can do everything a blue chip can do, but when used in this way you add 1 hit to your total hits.

Use for Someone else You may use a legend chip as a blue chip for another player.

Perk Choose a perk. You gain access to that perk for the remainder of the session. If you do not qualify for the perk you must spend an extra Bennie (of any type).

Act First Use at the start of combat. You gain +20 action points. You may also act in the surprise round, even if you shouldn’t be able to.

Level If you are lower level than the highest level character, you can spend your green chip to gain an extra level.

Cash in You can cash in a legend chip for 5xtier in loot

Throw Back in Bag If you don’t want to use the legend chip, you can throw it back in the bag after everyone has drawn for the session. Additionally, if unused at the end of the session, you can choose to throw it back in the bag rather than use it.


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