Optional Spellcasting

Each type of caster can choose a deadlands package for his character. These are optional packages that help represent the classes better for the deadlands setting.

Blessed If your character takes after a bless they can learn one additional power each time they take a tier. The negative is on a critical failure while spellcasting their spellcasting decreases by 1 for 24 hours. Additionally, they must have some kind of code (this is often a biblical code, but not always) which they follow. If they fail to follow their code their spellcasting dice is reduced by 1 for 1 week. If their spellcasting ever equals 0, they loose all magic until they do some kind of atonement.
Choices: Cleric, Paladin

Huckster Huckster can get free spell points by making a deal with the devil. To do so they draw a number of cards equal to 5 + their grit. On a successful hand they get off the power without expending any spellpoints. Unfortunately on a failure the devil wins and gets to unleash something nasty on you. See deadlands player guise for hand details. In exchange for such power they cut their recovery rate in half for power points, and only recover half their power points while sleeping.
Choices Wizard, Arcane Trickster

Mad Science Mad scientist get an extra 4 Power Points for each device they make. Unfortunately their devices explode on a critical failure while casting. Additionally, each time they rank up a tier they gain a dementia.
Choices Alchemist, mad science

Shaman A shaman gains 1 extra power per tier. They must meditate on the hunting ground at least once a day for an hour, or they lose their powers for 24 hours. Additionally, they cannot use technology or mad science or they lose their powers for 24 hours. They can however, ride in a train or a gyrocopter, but they cannot control such a contraption without their penalty.
Choices Druid, Ranger

Enlightened Enlightened powers don’t look like magic so they can generally use them without any fear of being chased out of town with pitchforks. There is no other real advantage or disadvantage to being enlightened.
Choices Super Powers, Physical Adpet

Optional Spellcasting

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